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  • Mahjong



    WEEK 16 - Taiwanese New Waves
    Loved it. Set in Taiwan's jet set, it's a romantic gangster film.
    But with light tones.
    The gang of protagonist is unique, every personality is different. And they're all incredible in their own ways.
    The woman's role is particularly relevant. There's a variety of females in the movie which affect the events and the development of characters.
    Everyone has a particular effect on the film. Just like in Mahjong.

  • Dust in the Wind

    Dust in the Wind


    WEEK 16 - Taiwanese New Waves
    The nearly total absence of movement and repetition of similar shots make the situations described in the film look familiar, already written in my memory. Some of these shots are incredibly beautiful, portraying rural landscapes and life in villages.
    And again, it does seem autobiographic. Such a presentation of a character's life and struggles, his growth and the changes he went through. It's intense, incredibly felt.

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  • The Mark of Zorro

    The Mark of Zorro


    Part of my FSDO challenge
    ( )

    Week 4 - Genre - Action - Swashbuckler
    This movies signs the birth of the swashbuckler genre, and it's a milestone for history of cinema as well as for Douglas Fairbanks' career.
    Matter fact, he's simply phenomenal in portraying the character of Don Diego Vega, alias Zorro, with a genuine smile on the face and a believable interest for human rights.
    The film is really enjoyable, the action scenes are fast paced…

  • Falling Leaves

    Falling Leaves


    Part of my FSDO challenge
    ( )
    Week 1 - Auteurs - Pioneers of Film
    Alice Guy

    Alice Guy, a.k.a. the Eve of cinema.
    After having seen some of her movies, which I didn't particularly like, I found this one. This film is really good, with a deep story and a happy ending, one of the best for the times.
    The love of the lil' girl for her sister is moving, and her effort to keep her alive is…