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This review may contain spoilers.

This is a true masterpiece of feminist in cinema.

The story shows the daily routine of a woman named Jeanne Dielman who is a widow who lives with her son in an apartment. In which she is a really responsible mother who focuses on her life as a mother and as a prostitute to earn money. The film will show us 3 days of her life.

Day 1: the movie shows us a routine of her life.

Day 2: On the first day it seems very boring to me, but as day 2 has begun, it seems more enjoyable and interesting since we can notice that something is wrong or may be different from the first day. After her son talked to her about sex as he had entered puberty and her second client had an unwanted sexual orgasm with her, she seemed to be nervous about it and from that moment we could notice a difference in her daily routine the next day.

Day 3: This day represents an effect of anxiousness on her from the previous day. On this day we can see that her routine is all messed up. In the morning she woke up earlier than usual and had nothing to do but sit and worry about everything. And after having sexual intercourse with her third client, her sensation just exploded, then she killed him because of pressure from the previous events.

This movie has a really interesting background and directing as the director Chantal Ackerman directs the actress to move exactly what she considered perfect, but that doesn't for a realistic acting or represent feeling, but for the audience to feel the length and protracted act of her routine.

The Feminist in this movie represents the responsibility and militancy of being a mother and dedicated everything to her son and even being a prostitute.

I love this movie so much no matter if it's maybe a little bit too long, but I think that is exactly on point what this movie should be and it turns out perfectly. Whether you like or hate this movie all depends on your patience and your ability to observe and point out a hidden meaning and essence of film.

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