Batman ★★★★★

Almost missed out on Batman Day yesterday. And of course I had to watch the one film I’ve seen more than any other in existence. 

Batman 89’ is such an important film for me. Reenacting the fight scenes while wearing my own cape or using my toys to create the Batwing takedown, I’ve been living this film for decades. 

Michael Keaton is and always will be THE Batman. His casting while criticized at the time, works on so many levels. The first being that he would need to wear a bat suit to be physically imposing and thankfully he’s gets the best bat suit ever put to screen. His voice is flawless and the Keaton crazy eyes are just what a Batman needs. 

Jack Nicholson as the Joker is just a blast. The shear gall to give out money just to murder everyone is the definition of The Joker. He plays the gangster type so well and his laugh and antics are endlessly watchable. He had a blast doing this and you can tell. There is one Joker who is better and that is it. 

Everything clicks on all cylinders for this one. The production design by Anton Furst, the music by Danny Elfman (which is the best soundtrack made for a superhero film) and Tim Burton’s direction are flawless. And the Prince music is the perfect bit of 🧀 that this film needs. 

I could say so much about this film and probably exhaust the character limit on Letterboxd. There are better Batman films but there is no more important Batman film than this one in my book. This film made me love THE MOVIES. How could I ever thank it enough?

Top Shelf! Gets my highest recommendation.

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