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  • Adaptation.



    I've heard people have been anticipating the Second Coming of Christ for a while, but who cares when Charlie Kaufman is still alive making work like this?

    I'm pretty sure I said "holy shit" every 5 minutes or so. Absolutely (and I am acutely aware with the inanity of saying this) fucking brilliant.

  • Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior

    Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior


    36 years later and virtuoso director George Miller's Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior remains in the highest of the action movie echelon. How did the mad Australian craft such a timeless, kinetic thrill ride that continues to delight with mad capped energy and nutty propulsive excitement when almost all action movies released since my year of birth age about as well as milk? There are a few obvious reasons why but Miller's early Mad Max films have a certain…

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  • Amy Schumer: The Leather Special

    Amy Schumer: The Leather Special


    I thought the Geneva Convention outlawed cruel and unusual forms of torture.

  • Yi Yi

    Yi Yi


    Even though I have seen so many astonishing films
    week thanks to Criterion and FilmStruck, I've made sure to keep my critical eye open throughout, always making sure that I felt confident in my ratings and what I believed each movie deserved. I'm not here to give perfect scores out to just anything, they are there for the films that mean something to me. Some more than others, but they're all special in they're own way.

    I preface my…