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  • RoboCop
  • The Thing
  • Good Morning
  • All That Jazz

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  • Wake in Fright


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  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III


    This is... the worst thing I’ve ever put myself through, a self imposed crisis. Never before have my senses been so attacked, my mind has never felt more frail.

    The design of the turtles in this movie is the worst rendition of them yet, their mouths don’t move in time to any of the words they say. The jokes are terrible, next level terrible.
    I could barely look at Splinter, the way he moves and sweats everywhere is so gross. …

  • Escape from New York

    Escape from New York


    Literally no one:

    Every character in this movie: “Snake Plissken… I heard you were DEAD” 

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  • The Thing

    The Thing

     “The thing”?  The thing is the movie sucked balls

  • Yi Yi

    Yi Yi


    The most raw and aching experience I’ve had in a very long time. Death, weddings, birth, falling in love, heartbreak. Don’t let the length of this movie deter you if you’re putting it off (like I did haha). It’s worth investing in. I doubt I’ll ever see a movie that is quite like this again.