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  • Cannibal Holocaust

    Cannibal Holocaust


    This is a real slippery slope. The hypocritical animal cruelty, as many have already stated, negates the social commentary. It makes it come off insincere, falsely moralistic and will forever be a stain on the film. It's impossible to seperate that or the exploitation of the actors/extras, both of which were done to add extra authenticity, because such techniques are completely counterproductive to the film's message - a vital, core aspect to consider. It's a shame that such fatal mistakes…

  • [REC]



    Had a decent enough time but I'm trying to figure the praise for this, as it's neither revolutionary for the genre nor even that much of a unique approach. I suppose the attraction, at least to me, comes from how the found-footage device is utilised, with the reasoning being the incorporation of an investigative TV crew into the narrative. This lends a legitimate basis for the camera to be an observant presence whenever shit goes down rather than sheer coincidence.…

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  • A Quiet Place

    A Quiet Place

    Ingenious premise is negated through bombastic gestures that are all completely contradictory to the idea of silence - the abundance of hackneyed jump scares is the most obvious one (Krasinski even uses the "fake jump scare" technique, if you needed more proof of laziness and tropes galore), accompanied by deafening sound cues, and the setup/release of these scenes come too early to ever mount tension successfully; however, the consistently droning and distracting score, full of blaring horns, may be even…

  • Moulin Rouge!

    Moulin Rouge!


    Luhrmann does Luhrmann - but this time, a messier blender of mismatched musical choices, covered dreadfully and tonally jumpy in abrupt cross-cutting with one another. Typical oppressive technical freneticism with Luhrmann's distaste for any comprehensible spatial composition shown by his stylistic forte in cluttering the screen beyond visual repair, rapid-fire pacing through the film's plot points and barrage of exposition in the first act, his pantomime direction - consistently getting the most histrionic actors to perform soapy melodrama screeched at…