• Scream



    >tfw reddit is literally the villain

  • Everybody Wants Some!!

    Everybody Wants Some!!


    All the people posting think pieces analysing the sociopolitical implications and gender dynamics on here in 2016 are like stereotypes of the average letterboxd user and, ironically enough, lack the very self-awareness that this film has.

  • Manhunter



    I wish I was enamoured with the sensory overload a lot of people seem to feel but with only a few moments reaching that euphoric blend of dreamy visuals and synths I can say that this is not the sum of its parts. Petersen's Will Graham is driven by his stoicism and reserved demeanor when pursuing the case, making for a rather cold viewing experience with the film's attention to mundane procedural work. There's an implied darker side, the link…

  • Candyman



    Everything noteworthy about Candyman can be attributed to Nia DaCosta and everything wrong can be pinned on Jordan Peele, a man already teetering on self-parody. Pretty but patronising, the crunching kills and looming atmosphere of the titular slasher legend, always an omnipresent figure despite a disappointingly underused Tony Todd, showcase that DaCosta certainly has the directorial flourishes to helm a horror film but it's unfortunately bogged down by Peele's thudding obviousness, distorting the original's social commentary through a "2021-ified" lens…

  • Can't Get You Out of My Head

    Can't Get You Out of My Head


    Pessimistically opening with The Specials' 'Do Nothing', an evocative summation of the subjects of Can't Get You Out of My Head's powerlessness rage to change the world, Adam Curtis' latest work is a towering, kaleidoscopic journey through life in the modern era - from the collapse of the British Empire to Brexit, from the radicalism of China's Cultural Revolution to its modern surveillance state, from the original Black Panthers to BLM - posing its central question early on: does anything…

  • Jawbreaker



    I so wish this film had the sugary colour palette of Clueless and the exaggerated theatrics of Mean Girls because that's obviously the style it's intending but the result is a middle-of-the-road concoction that sparsely indulges this. Every zany screen wipe is awkward after multiple scenes semi-grounded in realism (as far as traditional high school films go) and the bubblegum aesthetic of the poster is disappointingly absent, with a visually muted style instead. The crime itself is mundane, the half-baked…

  • Serenity



    Firefly is definitely among the bigger shows that I hadn't seen until just recently. For a show that only lasted a season, it's impressive how much detailed worldbuilding Whedon was able to incorporate in that short span of airtime. The Western Sci-Fi hybrid is already a captivating hook, but even cooler to me about the style is this interpretation of the future with a fusion of Sino-American cultural aesthetics and the mythology with its parallels to the American Civil War/the…

  • Not Another Teen Movie

    Not Another Teen Movie


    The guy impersonating Chris Klein in American Pie's sensitive, hopeless romantic schtick is so fucking next level that my sides were in orbit any time he spoke.

  • Weiner



    Just by existing this documentary is hypocritical. It claims to diagnose media sensationalism as a cultural problem that sidetracks from the real issues, whilst clearly playing into that fascination of scandals. There's an acknowledgement by Weiner himself at the end, remarking how the main focus of the documentary will be the sexting. I can't blame the filmmakers because you run with the flow in these fly-on-the-wall documentations and the media frenzy whipped this up to be inevitable no matter the…

  • The War Room

    The War Room


    Absolutely essential viewing, not solely because of the timely relevance of an approaching election if you want an intimate look behind the innerworkings of a presidential campaign but for its contrast of civility and the staggering evolution of political discourse and media since '92. The post-Cold War/pre-9/11 era of politics was relatively stable and yet Carville and Stephanopoulos' relentless enthusiasm makes it feel like everything is at stake - the former of whom would make an enthralling documentary subject in…

  • Valentine



    The reason this was so derided upon release was because it was "uncool" in a post-Scream horror movie climate to make a straight-faced 80s throwback slasher, but it's honestly not that bad - even if it's exceedingly misguided and lacking in self-awareness, like, a film about incely male entitlement should not be sympathising with the supposed villain to this degree by reducing the women that rejected him equivalent to the delusions of Elliot Rodgers (if a film ever failed the…

  • EuroTrip



    Right, I've been watching trashy 2000s comedies while in lockdown..........so why was this actually kinda fun?