Army of the Dead

Army of the Dead ★★★½

Zack Snyder returns. One of the most polarizing filmmakers working now. From his earlier films to the recent releases; it has been one of the most fascinating journeys to experience from inside and out in modern times.

Inside are some bold and entertaining films. Not for everyone. But the passionate fans will eat them up. Outside are the aforementioned fans that have become more and more beloved towards Snyder in recent times.

I appreciate him. Even with his hit or miss record to me. This was one of the films that had me very excited. I still have yet to see his Dawn of the Dead remake; but I think Zack with Bautista with this premise is gold.

Zombies are old for so many now. From the movies to the shows to the games. But for myself; I still enjoy them immensely; especially if something new is able to be brought to the table; and it was here.

Introducing Dave Bautista and his ragtag heist crew in a war torn zombie Las Vegas with a King and Queen. This will not be near the best films to release this year; but it will easily be among the most entertaining.

I loved this film; I can acknowledge that it is ridiculously stupid with plenty of dumb moments from the characters; but it is some of the most fun that I have ever had with both a zombie and Snyder film.

Dave Bautista proves that he is the best wrestler turned actor in Hollywood. It was not close before; and the competition is far behind now. Because he is on fire with a really solid and emotional lead performance.

There are plenty of things to not like with the typical developments that you would expect; it is predictable as such at times; but with a villain such as Zeus and a hero such as Bautista. This was so stupid. I loved it.

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