Batman ★★★★

Something started here. It has been over three decades since the genre shifted. In a film that followed in the footsteps of many before such as Superman; Tim Burton brought us Batman to impact cinema forever.

I have said this often but I'll confess: I almost did not even attempt sharing my thoughts on this. For no other reason than that I already believed I had with how much I have seen from the film over the years.

But that has to change; I need to talk about a film that has been mentioned an insurmountably countless number of times; be it from people such as us; or anyone in the street; because of it's significance.

Even with the state of the genre now; it holds up remarkably well. It is not one of the best. But it is an incredibly entertaining film. With a sadistically joyous performance from Jack Nicholson as the iconic Joker.

Tim Burton embraces the comics and makes it so much more. Even to this day; the beautiful capturing of this gothic, dreamlike and other worldly Gotham is magical to say the least. Simply stunning.

Not everyone's favourite: but Michael Keaton is very solid as Bruce Wayne. There might be too much focus on the romance. With that slightly taking away from his first initial outing as the Caped Crusader.

From Danny Elfman's legendary score to the references to the many influences that helped craft the world that is seen in a film combining almost a little of everything in something we've still not seen since.

What is there to say? This has been discussed for many years. It helped start something for studios. It is still highly regarded to this day. And you will still see smile at the thought of Michael Keaton's I'm Batman. Immortal film.

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