Bird Box ★★

This has me at a loss for words. I'm sitting here. Just trying to comprehend what to exactly say about this film. I was really looking forward to it. I thought it sounded intriguing. I was ready.

I'm always interested in the post-apocalyptic stories. It's always been something that interested me. So from the first trailer. This caught my attention - with a very impressive cast led by Sandra Bullock.

I sat down - ready to watch it on the day of release. I didn't expect to fall over loving it. But I was hoping I'd at least enjoy it for the most part. But I left feeling completely underwhelmed and disappointed.

It was a missed opportunity. There was so much going for this film. But they butchered almost everything. This intriguing premise that locked my interest was torn apart and made to feel gimmick-y and predictable.

I did not like the flashes between the past and present at all. It felt jarring. Especially because of how they cut between them. The transitions were horribly abrupt. It bothered me everytime.

As the film went on; I couldn't help but think that this would have worked better as a series. Because there is things that happen that they don't explain that I feel like they should have. Because to be honest.

This film was unbelievable in the worst way. I couldn't believe the choices some of the characters were making or even the fates of others and the direction the story was going. I'd go into detail. But I'll avoid spoilers. It just felt incredibly absurd.

The performances are solid - and the tension is good at times. There is a couple moments that I was engaged into what was going on. But they were just moments. I didn't care for any of these characters. It was a drag from start to finish.

If you've been intereasted in it from the trailers: I'll still say to maybe check it out. But temper your expectations. It may not be as good as you're hoping it will be. It has a few moments like I said. But I feel like they missed big time with this. Incredibly disappointing.