Hereditary ★★★½

This was very good. But slightly overrated. I've been looking forward to watching this film for awhile now. I avoided all the trailers. I couldn't have been more ready to finally sit down to watch this film - and my expectations were high.

That's where the problem starts. I think my expectations were set too high from audience reactions. I feel a little underwhelmed. But these are my fresh thoughts. Don't get me wrong too. There is still plenty to love and enjoy in this movie.

It's beautifully shot from start to finish. The performances are phenomenal. Especially by Toni Collette & Alex Wolff. They were both outstanding in this. Probably a couple of the best pieces of acting you'll see all year.

The soundtrack was perfect too. It was absolutely stunning. I thought how they developed the story and where it went was both very interesting and compellnig. But I can't help but feel like I expected more from this.

Because it wasn't very scary. There was a couple moments maybe. But it was creepy more than anything. And that's not always a bad thing. Although with all the hype surrounding this film. I expected to really get scared. And I wasn't that much.

The story was compelling. The acting is great. The music is perfect. There is plenty to enjoy about this film. But in terms of being a horror film. It didn't quite reach my expectations. There were even few times where I tuned out. But I know I'm in the minority with a few of my opinions on this.

I will agree with almost everyone else when they say that this is still definitely worth seeing. It's a very well made film. There is so much heart and passion thrown into it as you can see from the finished product. And it is deserving of all the recognition it's getting. It just didn't entirely work for me. But please. Go and check this out still.

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