Klaus ★★★★

Delightful. That's the word for this. I knew about this film, even though it did come out of nowhere. It wasn't something I was too excited about though, even after I started hearing all the strong praise among viewers.

Once the film had started. I still wasn't sure this would be something for me. It initially felt like it was pulling hard at those nostalgia strings with it capturing the old school disney animation in movies.

I was wrong though. I started enjoying this film more and more, after being on the fence at first. This is one of the best animated movies of the year, challenging for even being the absolute best.

This turned into a completely beautiful, frightening and rich experience. It's packed with plenty of good humour, it is generally aimed mostly at younger audiences, but there are parts that would really scare them.

It's a different and almost unexpected take on the story of Santa. It builds on the strong messages and themes meant for children, and honestly, for people of all ages, around not only this time of year, but all times.

The animation is fantastic. The characters are entertaining. It's absolutely among one of the best original Netflix movies ever released, although, that's not saying much. I loved this so much more than I expected to.

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