Midsommar ★★★

Before the year even started. This was among the most anticipated. For an original horror film; there hasn't been much with this level of excitement as there was for this, and it was for completely valid reason.

Ari Aster made his statement on the genre last year. It was a tour de force effort with Hereditary. So many people, including myself, both wanted and needed to see what he had up his sleeve next and here it is.

This sounded incredibly promising. It felt like such a fascinating original concept. I was very interested, as was most, to see his take on a horror that relied so much more on colour rather than his previous entry.

Unfortunately though; this was underwhelming. Especially for Aster's standard, after proving himself last year, which I believe was no fluke in the slightest, I expected so much more from him with this one.

I'm in the minority. That's a surprise to me. I'm not usually one to disagree too often with the majority; but as much as I wanted to enjoy so much about this, I left with this feeling of disappointment.

There is the possibility, I could have simply not understood this. I'm not one that enjoys using those excuses though, because it has always felt like a lazy way to defend a film.

For myself personally; this film felt too long, and I'm sure I didn't even watch the Director's Cut. I was intrigued at first, but it didn't take too long before started losing any interest as to what was going to happen.

This is because I could figure it out and see where it was all going. It was then dragged out for an awfully long time, across a story with characters that I personally didn't find myself caring for too much.

I'll admit; this is a beautiful film. It's certainly not bad, but I didn't find it very good either. It's full of many positives such as the performances, the soundtrack and the cinematography.

None of this was enough to help me enjoy it more though. It felt like a boring and uneventful ride to sit through. I was impressed by some elements but for the standards and expectations; this one fell short.

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