Raw ★★★½

This was insane. I've been thinking for hours. I'm not even sure how to express my thoughts on this film. It was incredibly graphic - where I found myself both enjoying and hating my experience watching it at the same time.

I've come to really appreciate that though. I didn't love this film as much as some others I've noticed. But it's some exceptional bold and wild film making - where I can totally see why some could fall for loving something like this.

The performances in this film are fantastic. They're superb. Some of the best I've possibly seen in a horror movie honestly. It was the acting that got me more compelled than anything else. That's a huge testament and accomplishment to this film.

It's not an easy watch though. It's disturbing. But it never feels like it's in a way where it feels they're being graphic for the sake of doing it. I always felt the power behind each moment with these characters. It was impressive. Try and check this out. It's gross. But it's a good one.

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