Tenet ★★★½

It has been a long time coming. Christopher Nolan returns with another film to twist or break our minds in a real world that is doing very much the same to us all. But there was no caution going into this one.

Nolan is one of, if not the most popular and beloved director on the planet right now. You hear he is a doing a film. Everyone starts talking. Even without a premise or cast. Just his name is enough for so many.

I'll admit: I am one of those people. It is hard to not get intrigued when you see his name on a project. But then again: I did not care much for Inception like so many others but can appreciate it nonetheless.

This felt very similar; so much so that there were theories it is a direct successor in the same timeline. That clearly is not the case. But it does feel like it in a film that sees Nolan go even weirder than ever before.

There is nothing wrong with weird. But there is a self indulgent feeling about this. It was exciting at times and I loved the actors in this but there wasn't enough there that truly got me invested in the story.

But I'm no expert: I don't find it very easy to follow these films sometimes. Maybe that is me, maybe not. But regardless it still felt like Nolan doing a film that HE enjoys. For that. I can really appreciate this.

I'm not going to lie: I don't love this film. But it is full of great sequences. It is very unique. I loved the performances from such a beautiful cast assembled. It is your typical Nolan blockbuster:

It's fresh. It's different. It's sexy. But I left it without much thought at all.

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