The Game

The Game ★★★½

David Fincher is a master at the craft. I will always enjoy his work. It's still taken time to get around to much of it all though. This is one of them. It sounded intriguing. I love Michael Douglas. But it never got me until now.

I both do and don't understand why that is now. It's a slow burn mystery. It will keep you engaged and guessing, but at the same time, it feels as though it is dragging along for far longer than the actual run time.

With that said though; I'll say again; it does keep you guessing. For myself personally, which arguably isn't saying much; It left me entertained just from the fact that I almost didn't see anything coming.

I'll not only always enjoy a Fincher film. I'll always enjoy a good mystery or thriller, especially if you combine the two. This could have a faster pace but it at least kept me engaged because of two reasons.

Because of how much it keeps you intrigued into this mystery and the performance of Michael Douglas. I haven't seen him in nearly enough. But I always enjoy seeing his face on screen, he's an actual gem.

This is worth the watch for the entertaining journey from start to finish alone. It left me on the fence still about the ending. But the story was fun and I liked this more than disliked it at all. That's for sure.

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