Under the Silver Lake ★★★½

I'm back. I will explain my absence at the end of this. I have been looking forward to this film for awhile - although I had no idea what to entirely expect going into it but I'll watch almost anything with Andrew Garfield now.

I'm not sure where I stand on this compared to others; but I really liked it. It was far weirder than I expected but that made me enjoy it even more - especially with the fact that it was heavily influenced by Hitchcock.

It felt like a much darker and twisted modern take on a Hitchcock movie. This made me at least appreciate the film alot. Even though it may have gone a little too far at times. I still liked alot about this film.

It was a given from the start but again: Andrew Garfield gives a very solid performance. He's very impressive in this. He was like the James Stewart in this messed up and maybe too long drawn out Hitchcock story.

Despite it going too far at times, being a little too drawn out and leaving many questions unanswered. There's alot to at least admire about this film. It is beautifully shot with a stunning score. I loved it.

I'm probably in the minority on this next opinion; but compared to his last film. I might have liked this directorial effort from David Robert Mitchell more than his last one in It Follows - which I did like too. This is worth seeing when you get the chance. Be aware though. It's a weird one.

I'll finish by apologizing with my absence. I've been slacking on the reviews. It's getting weaker as of late. I promise to change that before year's end. I've been battling a very up and down case of depression and anxiety throughout the year. It hasn't been great as of late.

Here's hoping for a bigger and better 2019 though. When you reach rock bottom. There's no other place to go than up. I'm glad to return with a review for this film. I hope to have much more up before year's end. I will try my best. I love you all. Thanks for following me.

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