Upgrade ★★★★½

I'm saying it now. This is easily one of my favourite movies of the year so far. I heard great things but similar to another recent film I had seen. I didn't expect it to not only meet that hype - but to even exceed expectations by a long shot.

These are my fresh thoughts. So my mind could change. But right now. Just having finished the film for the first film. I had an absolute blast. This was wildly entertaining from the beginning to the ending. It pulls you in and refuses to let go.

Logan Marshall-Green is turning into a beast of a talent after this and The Invitation. He's incredibly underrated. This has only left me more excited to see where his career goes in the coming years. He was a complete badass in this. I love him.

With his only directorial work in the past being the third Insidious movie; Leigh Whannell blew me away with his work on this. I thought he did a tremendous job structuring this all together. If you can't tell already. I'm more than impressed.

I'll go as far to say this. If I give it more thought over the coming days or so. There is a fair chance that this could turn into my personal favourite film of the year. It's brutal, relentless and even kinda funny at times.

I'm not saying that I'd necessarily call it the best film I've seen all year. But it might be my favourite for sure. But I'll give it more thought. Until then. Please check this out. It's pretty savage but I had a great time. This was simply brilliant.

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