Dune ★★★★★

Well... This is my first impression. I am going to watch this movie multiple times in my life and I believe that my opinion can change over the years.

I started to read the novel Dune last week in preparation for this movie. And in the beginning I'd say that the movie suffers a little bit from the usual book adaptation-problem: in books you can tell thoughts and feelings and stuff while you have to show them in movies.

This little problem resolves itself by the obvious: Denis Villeneuve is a master. There are such bombastic, beautiful, emotional and touching scenes which are hard to describe by words. I never felt the impact of these scenes while reading the book.

People often compare Dune with lord of the rings. Both novels seem to be impossible to adapt as movies. Yet there came the messiah Peter Jackson for LOTR and Villeneuve for Dune. So I definitely see the parallels between these two franchises.

I had a really great cinema experience. The music was loud and bombastic every camera angle was perfect and the acting a masterclass. I watched this movie in the german synchro but I will watch it in English, soon. I am overwhelmed and happy - like after a very good orgasm :)

This movie puts Villeneuve next to Tarentino - if not above him - in my personal "my favorite director" - list.

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