Always Be My Maybe ★★

Had a couple big problems I have with a lot of romcoms:

1. I didn't find either of the main characters particularly likable, especially compared to the people around them (and I really love both these actors usually!).

2. Why are so many romcom plots based around cheating, and why is this just shown as an indisputable part of getting the apparently star-crossed lovers together, with no consequence. Randall Park's poor girlfriend not only gets shit on by the script (she seems fun! why are you with her if you are embarrassed by her!?), but he cheats on her and she literally disappears from the movie. And when he decides to tell Ali Wong they should be together, he hasn't even broken up with her yet apparently! The film seems to imply she's going to sleep with Keanu, but there is no evidence this happens, and maybe she literally just got funding for her community organisation from him.

Charming enough, but the plot kept annoying me. Worth it for the Keanu section though (him listening to the deer cries, oh man).