33 Postcards

33 Postcards is inspirational drivel. A co-production between China and Australia it tells the story of an Orphan girl who travels to Australia and wants to meet her sponsor who has been sending her postcards for over ten years. However, the reality is very different to the postcards he sent and together the two lost people help each other out. No doubt this is supposed to be a heartwarming and emotional film but it is heavy handed, obvious and trite.

Despite the casting of Guy Pearce (who does a decent job in a one-dimensional and cliche-filled role) this has a strong whiff of a TV-movie in its poor production values, soap star cast and shitty story. Newcomer Zhu Lin won awards for her performance here but I just wanted to slap the irritatingly naive and perpetually optimistic little idiot. Admittedly most of the problems stem from the poor writing but it is hard to see her as a star of the future. Rubbish.