Botched ★★

Ah the comedy-horror, a combination of genres that are never easy to balance: feature too many jokes and you strip a film of its atmosphere and ability to scare, focus too much on the horror and the jokes fall flat. Botched is a film that very much favours comedy over horror whilst still managing to mess up the laughs.

Even if this film was good, which it isn’t, the casting would still be far too distracting. The film is supposed to be set in Russia, and populated by Russians (and Stephen Dorff as the token American star), yet they’ve cast a bunch of British TV actors instead doing the broadest caricatures possible. Whilst that might suit the comedic tone it really doesn’t work. The most successful element is undoubtedly the gore with some novel set pieces and effective practical effects. However, they are all too fleeting to paper over the humour that never once raised a smile.

Despite its numerous faults it still isn’t a terrible DTV horror movie by modern standards. It looks nice enough and it is competently made which instantly makes it better than 90% of the competition, it just can’t compete with the big boys.