Freestyle ½

Freestyle is a risible British dance flick about two people from different sides of the track who want to break out of the constraints in their personal lives. They do what any sane person would and find this freedom via the joys of freestyle basketball. It follows the template of every dance film ever made and culminates in a winner-takes-it-all freestyle competition. Unfortunately every single element in this film is terrible from the hackneyed plot, kid’s TV levels of acting and a script that took no more than five minutes to write.

There is zero chemistry between the two Romeo and Juliet style leads. The plot lacks drive and despite being just over an hour in length it still feels too long. All this sounds rather familiar for dance based movies but where this really falls flat is in these inept and laughable freestyle sequences. They are frankly embarrassing, particularly during the climactic competition which ended up being unintentionally funny. Britain doesn’t have a great track record when it comes to this genre but Freestyle is easily the worst example I’ve had the misfortune of watching.