Johnny Express ★★★★

Written, directed and animated by Kyungmin Woo, Johnny Express is a funny and perfectly formed animated short. Set in the year 2150 the film follows the exploits of a lazy intergalactic delivery man who delivers a parcel to a planet not well suited to his arrival. This is basically how I imagine Parcel Force would be if they ever end up delivering parcels in space.

Employing an amusing use of dual perspectives, both from the slobbish delivery guy and his frightened hosts, Johnny Express makes great use of the short form format delivering a series of simple yet beautifully timed and escalating visual gags. At just under five minutes it is a lean and engaging story that pays off with a great final shot. Even though it is actually quite dark in its content the film is shot through with great wit and character.

The CG animation is equally charming with a bold, clean aesthetic and excellent character design both for the delivery man and the gibberish-speaking aliens. Watch it!

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