Like Crazy ★★

Like Crazy is a film that captures the difficulties of a long distance relationship between an English woman and her American boyfriend, yet it is another case of a Sundance darling that failed to impress. It gets a lot right but makes some fundamental mistakes which kills any potential the film had.

With improvised dialogue and shot with handheld cameras, the film attempts to create an intimate and realistic portrait of a strained and fragile relationship, yet for all its worthy ambitions the film fails due to its central casting. Felicity Jones is unquestionably brilliant as the smart, sassy yet insecure Anna. Whenever she is on screen the film comes alive yet she is let down by the normally reliable Anton Yelchin. He looks permanently stoned and delivers a charisma-free performance that leaves you scratching your head why she saw anything in him in the first place. Their relationship lacks spark or interest and is like watching paint dry but without the added bonus of getting high off the fumes. The story ambles along going nowhere slowly before lurching into a final act that is even more frustratingly aimless.

Jones’ performance deserved to be in a better film that said something new about long distance relationship or featured a coupling you could actually invest in. As it stands, Like Crazy is a film of wasted potential.

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