Mercenary for Justice ★½

Sometime during the late 1990s I stopped watching the films of Steven Seagal (there is only so much mediocre action cinema one man can endure) but it appears time has been unkind to poor Mr. Seagal. Not only is he fatter, and presumably greyer based on the black hair dye, but more importantly he appears to be starring in weaker films too. I guess this shouldn’t be too much of a surprise considering the film was directed by the man responsible for Anaconda III and IV but this is seriously lacking in the one department that you can normally rely on when it comes to Seagal: the action. The gun fights aren’t too bad but most of the hand-to-hand combat is shocking. Whole sequences are so poorly shot and edited that you can clearly see punches are missing by several inches.

The film has a twisting plot and a pretty large ensemble cast for a B-movie actioner but the twists add little interest and the other characters are utterly forgettable. Still, there is always the small appeal in Seagal’s emotionless delivery, truly terrible one-liners and a penchant for snapping necks that stops Mercenary for Justice being a complete write off.