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I was a big fan of ParaNorman when I saw it at the cinema and I’m pleased to say I might be an even bigger fan at home. It manages to be both a loving throwback to ‘80s cinema yet thoroughly modern in execution and some of the character relationships. Whilst it still has some slight issues with pacing it seems wrong to complain about them when the film is made with such care, attention to detail and a genuine affection for the material. At no point does this feel like a cynical cash generator but rather a story the filmmakers want to see realised.

Having seen the film originally in a crummy little fleapit of a theatre it was a pleasure to get to see the lovingly created stopframe animation in all its intended glory. The Blu-Ray looks absolutely amazing whilst I fall in love with the film’s art direction a little more each time I see it. It’s also refreshing to see how close they get it to the original concept drawings for the characters and town and it gives the film a unique visual edge.

For fans of making-of books I can heartily recommend the one for ParaNorman as it is far more extensive than most art books for animated films. It has interviews with the key collaborators in each department and is more than just lots of glossy pictures of concept art (although there is an abundance of lovely art still in the book too).

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