Pusher ★★

Did anyone really want to see a London-set remake to Nicolas Winding Refn’s breakout debut? Well it seemed somebody did as that is exactly what we get in this hyperactive but utterly redundant retelling from director, Luis Prieto. As with the ‘90s original, Pusher is a cautionary tale about the downward spiral of a mid-level drug pusher over a single frantic week.

The main problem with the remake is how pointless it all seems. If you’ve seen the original (and if you haven’t you really should) then this offers very little in return. Director, Prieto, does try and inject his own style into the familiar story but his restless trickery is annoying and outdated. It doesn’t help that since Refn’s original there have been so many similar films that this just feels incredibly tired.

I also found it very difficult to separate Richard Coyle from his character as the bumbling idiot in Steven Moffat’s sitcom, Coupling. It’s not really his fault as Coyle acquits himself well enough but his appearance was a constant distraction as a desperate dealer pushed to extremes. His co-stars aren’t a great deal better either whether it be model-turned-actress Agyness Deyn or Zlatko Buric as a stock big boss.

If you’ve got a thing for weak remakes or derivative British gangster films then you might enjoy this latest version of Pusher, but for everyone else just stick with the original.

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