Rubber ★½

It is obvious this film will find a devoted following but it left me stone cold. It tries far too hard to be quirky whilst doing nothing interesting with the premise at all. At best this is a mildly entertaining short film but they stretch it far beyond what the concept will allow. Murderous inanimate objects are nothing new in cinema from The Refrigerator to Attack of the Killer Tomatoes. None of these films are ever really great but they do provide some B-movie charms and still at least try and tell a story. Rubber on the other hand is a one-joke movie when the joke isn't all that funny to begin with.

Sure, the idea of a car tyre that blows up people's heads with its telepathic powers is quite amusing but it isn't really any funnier on screen than it is in black and white here. The film does try and explain the general randomness with a very knowing opening but thirty minutes in you are wondering why they really bothered. It is just far too forced for my tastes and too slow moving and uneventful to provide the entertainment you'd associate with similar B-movies. In fact the only thing positive I can say about it is that it looks quite nice.

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