Skew ★½

Although the director is adamant that Skew is not a found footage film, for the average person watching it certainly feels like one. The story revolves around three friends and a road trip where one of them conveniently records the entire journey. Soon the trip turns into a nightmare with people’s faces becoming smudged and distorted by the camera before they wind up dead.

In truth the film actually has a reasonably unsettling atmosphere and a couple of successful jump scares too but it is undone by the usual found footage flaws (a needlessly slow build up and lack of logic) and some incompetent filmmaking. There seems to be a lot of discussion regarding the ambiguous end which either elicits shocked gasps or a shrug of the shoulders. Reading the different interpretations was actually more fun than the actual film but what is so disappointing is that the director’s own explanation is incredibly weak and the only reason more people don’t interpret the conclusion as intended is down to poor execution.