Spacehunter: Adventures in the Forbidden Zone ★★

I spent most of my time watching Spacehunter: Adventures in the Forbidden Zone (the title is arguably the best thing about the film) wondering whether or not I had seen it before. Even now I’m still not sure as it is certainly the sort of B-movie rubbish I would have watched in my youth but nothing really seemed to ring any bells. The film’s misplaced familiarity no doubt comes from the fact it is like so many other sci-fi films of the period. There is next to no originality here whether it be the stock characters or the depiction of the dystopian future world.

The film does have the odd moment of interest and with evenly spaced set pieces they manage to keep you from nodding off. These sequences are rarely handled well but they do possess a camp Saturday morning matinee charm. Peter Strauss is, unsurprisingly, a pretty bland hero but he is fantastic when compared to Molly Ringwald’s screeching performance. Every time she appears, which is 80% of the film, I just wanted her to die a horrific space death. In the end the film is forgettable but inoffensive (if you mute all the Ringwald moments).