Take Me Home ★★½

A woman running from a faltering marriage takes a cross-country roadtrip with a down on his luck cab driver. Along the way this opposites attract couple soon bond as they get in a series of scrapes and mishaps. It is a story synopsis that screams obnoxious romantic-comedy, and whilst the film firmly fits into the genre it is thankfully less irksome than I had expected.

What saves the film is that it rarely goes for cheap laughs involving improbable situations. There are predictable bumps in the road (if you excuse the pun) but they naturally fit the story. The easy chemistry between the two leads is rather refreshing too. No doubt the fact they are a married couple in real life helps but they are a step up from most romantic leads. The film is never particularly funny, insightful or even romantic but there wasn’t a single character that I wanted to die in a fire and that is a pretty big compliment coming from me.