The Change-Up ★★

It is hard to make an original body swap comedy considering at least 10,000 were produced during the 1980s but I am struggling to think of too many R-rated takes on the familiar story. Sadly the R-rated humour here is obvious, crass and rarely funny. I’m going to sound like an old fart but the current trend of gross out humour really isn’t all that appealing to me. It is not so much the fact it has copious amounts of swearing or babies shitting into their father’s mouth but the fact that the swearing alone is supposed to be funny.

It is a shame because the central casting of Ryan Reynolds and Jason Bateman works well against type and both have decent chemistry. The supporting cast are okay too but all are rather wasted in their respective roles. As with all modern comedies it is a good half an hour longer than it needs to be and the sentimental streak doesn’t sit well with the coarse gags. But with every comedy the success comes down to how many times it makes you laugh and frankly this just isn’t funny enough.

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