Tomboy ★★★★

Tomboy is a French coming-of-age drama from Water Lilies director, Célina Sciamma, about a young girl pretending to be a boy. Whilst the film naturally raises questions about gender and sexuality it is less interested in finding answers and more in documenting the problems that arise from such lies (first love, going swimming, toilet issues etc.) particularly when the lies begin to escalate. It is a slight but perfectly formed feature, small in scale but sweet and intimate. The film was shot over a short summer period and the film is bathed in perpetual sunlight evoking memories of the endless summers of childhood. Although the story could have leant itself to a more sensationalist style, Tomboy is pleasingly grounded in a familiar reality. The characters are all totally believable and the natural performances are pitch perfect.

Endearing, touching and beautifully judged.