Barring a decent cameo from Damien Lewis this ‘inspirational family drama’ is pure undiluted twaddle. An orphan hitchhikes across Europe to see his beloved Liverpool play in the Champions League final. Along the way he meets the good and bad of humanity in incredibly contrived and vomit inducing ways. The tone is sickly sweet at times making this film hard to sit through before going off on a dark detour in Bosnia that seems to be from an entirely different film.

The supporting cast are okay (although I’m not sure what the hell Hopkins and Lewis are doing in such a poorly produced movie) but newcomer Perry Eggleton is a horrible central focus. Admittedly the script doesn’t allow him to do much but his performance merely consists of grinning like a would-be psychopath, spouting Liverpool FC facts and occasionally trying to look sad. When you think the film can’t stoop any lower both Kenny Dalglish and Steven Gerrard turn up and attempt to act.