Thank You, People of Letterboxd!

Having joined the site back in February I was fully expecting Letterboxd to be another website I'd soon lose interest in. Yet thanks to its wonderful community of helpful, funny and insightful film enthusiasts it has become my first port of call whenever I venture online.

I won't thank specific people (I'd feel bad when I inevitably missed somebody out) but thank you to those that continue to follow me - I am honoured that my words are of an interest to anybody - and thanks to those people that I follow and who write such great reviews (I only wish I could follow more but fear I'd never leave the site if I did).

I'd also like to send my gratitude to the Letterboxd team who help keep the site ticking over. I'm sure your work is appreciated by all here even if we don't always get a chance to express our thanks.

Happy Holidays and New Year everyone!

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