The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse

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Robert Eggers: "How is this called The Shining when it doesn't even have a light? Let me add one."

So Lemons wasn't satisfied with my previous review of this movie, and frankly, neither was I. So here I am again.

Me, of all people, trying to decipher this movie is like trying to fingerfuck an ant or trying to play catch with Helen Keller. All attempts will be unsuccessful. Maybe it's obvious as some Freudian, Jungian, Kübler-Ross, Rorschach test, Psych 102 shit. But I'm only in Psych 101. The only thing I did catch was the reference to Greek mythology at the very end, but I still don't see how that connects to everything else.

But maybe, this isn't meant to be understood. Maybe it's meant to be experienced instead. But it didn't even work on that front because I was fighting sleep in the theater like it was fucking Kimbo Slice. The first half of the film was extremely slow and boring.

When shit finally popped off, I enjoyed certain moments (I think), but I never got fully immersed in the film or connected to either character. The movie seemed all over the place loosely tied together with a piece of dental floss. Coherent is definitely not the adjective I would use to describe this. This movie definitely never spilled its beans.

Overall, I didn't like this, but I can't bring myself to give it a bad score. It definitely doesn't work on a storytelling level for me but maybe it works on another level? I just don't know what that level is or could be. I need a rewatch before I could ever rate or rank this.

Or maybe this film will be my Lighthouse with me forever yearning to see what other people see in it and trying to uncover all the mysteries it holds.

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