If you admire somebody you should go head and tell em
People never get the flowers while they can still smell em

I would post the fact that I was listening to Mitski along with a joke about going through it and he would ask me what was wrong. Not in a jokey way, but in an extremely genuine one. Of course, I would lie and say that everything was fine, but by him even asking, by him being so attentively and straight-facedly caring, things became more okay. Now, I wish I would’ve told him what was actually wrong because we would’ve talked about it and his words would’ve changed my life.

When it came to Nwoye, his words were a blessing. He knew about everything. In one breath, he would talk about Cuban politics, in the next he would compare Venom to Stan Brakhage, and in the next he would be denouncing Herbie Hancock and Miles Davis in his hierarchy of jazz musicians. Boring? How the fuck is Hancock’s Sextant boring? Of course, he then gave me an explanation that I only half understood along with a list of jazz recommendations that I, of course, never got around to.

His words were a blessing. I would scroll through paragraphs of text between him, Avocado, and Alexis. All geniuses speaking in language I could not understand. Trying to gain knowledge through osmosis, all without making my presence known. At night, I would scroll through his Letterboxd reviews, reading them one by one. For some reason I didn’t click the like button because I didn’t want him to know I was binging them. Kinda because I didn’t want to blow up his phone, but mostly because I didn’t want him to know that I was a fan.

The thing is, Nwoye would never hide the fact that he was a fan of someone else. His interest in people was the thing about him that most jumped out at you. And when he took an interest in someone, he let the world know about it. He championed them. He made sure to include me in every circumstance possible. He constantly asked me to watch movies with him and always notified me when he wrote a new review to ask for my thoughts on it. He was lightyears smarter than me, but would talk to me like I had something to teach him.

When I first met him, I thought Nwoye was so larger than life, but really it was the small things that I found out over time that made him so great. Wish I had told him all of this, but I guess the next best thing is never forgetting. Love you, bro. Miss you. See you at the crossroads.

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