The concept for Tenet is so utterly ambitious and I think it works really well and was super fun. Christopher Nolan, although he is always focused on the idea of time across all his films, consistently experiments and with it in new and interesting ways and I love to see it!

That being said though, this movie is LOUD. And I mean that in the literal sense. I really enjoy Ludwig's work and I'm glad to see his success but the music and sound design in this is just relentless. It was the first thing we talked about leaving the cinema! There's also very little substance in terms of characters as the story is constantly wading forwards so quickly, leaving little time for them to flesh out and develop. The dialogue at times tends to be over-dramatic and cringe - 'you admire the tiger until the it turns on you' - 'don't try to understand it, feel it' - ... I can't think of anymore but it was not good. Dialogue is also relied on to provide exposition. I get that it could be a little difficult to just show how inverted time works but we get Mr Patterson with his physics degree to explain everything to us. Thanks RP x

Anyways, still gonna watch this again - a big part of any Nolan film is trying to make sense of the worlds he builds on the rewatch. Even with its flaws Tenet is just as complex and exciting as the rest of his filmography and you should definitely make your first post-lockdown cinema trip to see this!!

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