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  • Face/Off



    At least I now know where that Nicolas Cage meme face comes from

  • Okja



    It’s got a great message and there’s some real fucked up scenes that stick with you to drive it home but jeezus it’s a slog. Swinton, Gyllenhal, and Dano’s performances are terrible which sucks cuz they normally kill it. I guess it’s just a bit too cheesy for me. The ending is great tho.

    Netflix must’ve had Bong Joon Ho on a tight leash for this one my gawd

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  • Dave Chappelle: Sticks & Stones

    Dave Chappelle: Sticks & Stones


    BOOHOO IM A RICH COMEDIAN AND EVERYONE IS ATTACKING ME AND OTHER CELEBRITIES FOR DOING/SAYING FUCKED UP THINGS UNIRONICALLY. I’m all for comedians going crazy and saying controversial things as satire but when you start pushing back against legitimate social movements and widespread social concern you just show a lack of awareness and the choice of individualism/fame over collectivism.Β 

    Go fuck yourself Chapelle. Another reason that internet memes have displaced corny, out of touch, washed up mouth breathers as the primary source of humor in media

  • Joker



    I love shitting on incels as much as the next person but this film just doesn’t fit the bill as a film that glamorizes the incel ideology.Β We also have to remember that these basement dwelling mouthbreathers only go outside for straight pride parades and neo nazi rallys so there’s a good chance they’ll never see this movie.Β 

    Phoenix honestly kills it but it’s a bit overdone. The score is great. The only aspect I thought was unbelievable/weird was fleshed out…