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  • Dawn of the Dead

    Dawn of the Dead


    Original Dawn of the Dead is a solid movie, but I like this one better. I think the remake took the original and did it a bit better. Its kind of like the Hills Have Eyes for me. Original is decent, but the remake does it all better.

    I have one complaint and that is the pregnant chick and her baby. Was too much like the original V tv series where the alien baby was born and you know what…

  • Jaws



    Was wanting some ocean monster action and saw this in my recently purchased list so it became the one to watch. Sequels mostly suck from what I recall so won't be bothering with those again, but this was fantastic as usual. Nothing else to say really, watched this a number of times over the years and you know the drill on a classic like this anyway.

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  • Q



    I hadn't heard of this before last Halloween besides maybe seeing some cheesy VHS cover from back in the day I suppose. I can't believe this isn't more widely known. Well, maybe it is and I'm just behind like I was on all the Italian horror. Anyway I loved this. You've got a great story about crooks and cops with a dragon on top of it all and amazingly this has a really good story that is well acted. I kind of expected some trash story. I also loved the Harryhausen style dragon flight. I wish we had more movies made like this today.

  • The Birds

    The Birds


    What an absolute classic! I had watched this back when I was a kid and remembered a few bits and pieces but seeing it as an adult was awesome. The bluray I have has the color version that looks incredible. I didn't realize so much of this was a love story though. you could easily drop the bird part off and just make this about two people falling in love. Or you could drop that and make it about killer birds. I'm glad it has both elements though because they do come together very well to tell an awesome tale.