The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly ★★★★½

Each of these trio of movies has gotten better and better with this one definitely being the best. Fistful of Dollars was bit lacking for me. Few Dollars More had a great cast but fell a little in its story. Here though, this movie really has a great cast and a great story all the way around. There wasn't much of anything annoying or out of place. This definitely feels like the epic movie its hailed as.

Can't imagine how much this would cost to make today. There wasn't any cgi back in the day so everything was built which means the magnificent sets you see with burned out towns, bridges, and Civil War battles were there. I know its half buildings but still very impressive to see it all together. As I sat there watching I kept thinking about how intricate some of the scenes were. This is one of those cases that I think just wouldn't hold up in modern cinema. So much would be computer generated that you'd lose that wood and leather texture that is on screen at any given time. Dust feels real enough you almost cough on it. Artificial graphics just wouldn't do this justice or there would be so much action you couldn't get to take it all in.

Speaking of pacing. I thought this moved along decently. Its three hours which I did have to split things up since I started it too late last night, but this plowed along nicely. Its got a measured pace that doesn't have a ton of action, but your not bored either. Outbursts of violence are evenly spaced and the dialog is interesting. Leone certainly nailed this one.