Wrath of Man

Wrath of Man ★★★½

Ah Guy Ritchie, he said himself he wants to make films that are fun to watch and entertaining for audiences, he gives us a little of his signature humor in the beginning but as it continues the film takes a serious turn. The second act relies a little too heavily on exposition that I think we could have done with less of but even despite that I’d be lying if I said the ending wasn’t deeply satisfying. I feel like he brings something unique to the action genre, he dances around the various sub genres as his career has continued and here he jumps on the heist film wagon. What he seems to be able to do differently than the big blockbusters is add some actual meat to the story, these characters are developed and the planning in it was well thought. When Hollywood goes to make a blockbuster they should run the screenplay by Guy Richie first so he can tell them how to keep it from being shallow and meaningless. The film began focusing on the antagonists in the second act in a way that made me question which way the ending was going to go, a few previous details were given that seemed to be plants but ended up getting shot down which again enforced the doubt in my mind of how it would end. Needless to say Ritchie will continue to put me in a theater ready to take a look at a new perspective on the action genre and suspend my disbelief better than any Hollywood picture. My only real qualms were the over exposition and a few placements of scenes that I think could have been more effective if rearranged.

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