Galaxy Quest ★★★½

I remember really liking Galaxy Quest back in the day and came across it the other day while trolling for something to watch. I decided to check it it out to see if it held up, and much to my total delight it does.

The plot is simple, a crew of actors from a Star Trek-like television show called Galaxy Quest, long cancelled, keep meeting up at fan conventions. Most have fallen on hard times and need to live off of these events to survive. They are jaded and tired of reliving their glory days for nerdy fanboys. They are united in only their dislike of their colleague, Jason Nesmith (Tim Allen) who played the Shatner-esque caption of the crew.

Long story short, a group of aliens who have watched broadcasts of the old shows (that live forever in space) see them as historical documents and come to earth to recruit the actors they think are space heroes. I know, I know. But it is very well done and very funny.

You can pretty much guess what happens from here - but there are some nice laughs and a few surprises. Although watching the film nearly 20 years after its original release, you could be tempted to think of it as derivative with all that has come since spoofing the genre and fanboys. But with great writing and nice turns by the ensemble cast (including the wonderful Alan Rickman as the Mr. Spock type from the crew) Galaxy Quest provides as nice diversion from the current state of our solar system.