Avengers: Endgame

Avengers: Endgame ★★★★★

“I used to have nothing, then I got this. This job. This family.”

I think this particular Black Widow’s quote perfectly describes what the MCU is to me and many millions of people around the world. Avengers: Endgame is what Superbowl is for sport fans or Cannes and The Oscars for movie fans; Endgame is not just a movie, it’s an event, just look at how insane this month has been with all those crazy news and theories that varied from simple details about the movie from The Russo Brothers to Ant-Man in Thanos’ ass (literally). It’s a global event set to end 11 years of the MCU and begin a new phase of the ongoing universe. Unlike many people I loved Infinity War despite that I clearly see all of its problems including that it’s just a set-up for Endgame and nothing more. There’s always something magical in seeing your beloved heroes coming together to save the whole universe. And there’s one more thing I can say in defense of Infinity War: this movie is almost entirely about Thanos, it would have been almost logical to name the movie “Thanos” instead of Avengers. And that was a very sharp and smart decision from The Russo Brothers and everyone who made the decision because after they dedicated an entire movie Thanos they could make an epic finale solely about Avengers, and to be precise the original team of Iron Man, Hulk, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Captain America and Thor whose storylines whether ended or flowed into something else. There’s not a lot of newbies of Avengers and a lot of people can see this as a flaw or problem (I was a little saddened to see so little of Captain Marvel too) but it only makes sense because they will have their own Endgame, and this movie is a farewell to The Avengers we all loved back in 2012, or maybe I just like edging and that’s why I loved it so much.

Endgame is a completely unpredictable epic filled an insane amount plot twist differing from small ones like change of hairstyle of an Avenger that doesn’t change anything to gigantic ones that change everything in the universe which makes talking or writing about Endgame without giving away huge or tiny spoilers nearly impossible. It’s almost like it was their point to write a movie where everything is a spoiler no matter what it is. Probably the only spoiler-y thing I’m going to talk about is the most frustrating about Endgame and it’s the gay character, EXPLICIT gay character. Remember how it got everyone excited? Yeah… this “gay character” is hardly a character who appears only in one scene in the beginning and to be honest I didn’t even notice that this “character” is gay the first time around the movie and had to google who the fuck was gay in Endgame. It seems like they’re just forcing these gay characters to be in the movie because they know that LGBTQ+ community loves to ship some of the characters, just like they force a bunch of female superheroes into one shot as if they’re justifying the lack of the screentime and importance they give to them in the first place which hopefully will change with Captain Marvel leading the MCU.

Other than that Endgame seems a little bit different from what we’ve used to see from Marvel, structurally or stylistically it was so different that after the first viewing I wasn’t sure what to think about the movie or did I even like it or not. I knew I needed to watch the movie again immediately in order to write something coherent, and not only that I know what to write now, after the second watch, Endgame became my absolute favorite MCU movie yet. I know I can be exaggerating and change my rating from 5 stars to 4,5 or even 4 after some time but in this particular moment all I feel is joy, this movie is everything and more for every MCU fan. I think it’s important in these movies that they can me feel this way because a lot of times I need this much of serotonin in my organism and the MCU gives it to me as much as I need. At some point I stopped even thinking about whether these movies are good or not, they make me feel alive and that’s what counts in my book. And even if Infinity War and Endgame are terrible movies they give a lot of joy and after all seem like the only logical conclusion to the entire era.

The movie is rich in fan service: at some point the story takes us back to old scenes and locations and as weird as it sounds it’s not blatant gimmick in the pursuit of making fans shed their tears, they always giving us a new and interesting look at the scenes we’ve already seen numerous times with the similar score by Alan Silvestri blasting into your ears and giving you chills down to your whole body, it just brings you back to 2008 when you saw Iron Man for the first time and heard Back in Black for the first time.I grew up watching the OG Iron Man nearly every day when I was a kid, later I went through a phase when I almost hated these movies and their fans, and now again, I feel like the little boy who instantly cheered at the first notes of Back in Black or Shoot to Thrill and the iconic “I am Iron Man” when I see the Marvel Studios logo and hear The Avengers theme now in the beginning of each movie. I don’t think I can be even a little objective when it comes to the MCU, even though I admit that some of these movie are genuinely bad they still hold a special place in my heart, the entire universe means a whole world to me, the era that started when I was only 8 is now ended and I am already 19, and the fact that the MCU in general won’t end soon makes me genuinely happy. Maybe I just became addicted but I can hardly imagine april-may without going to the nearest theater to buy a ticket for the newest Marvel movie.

Avengers: Endgame is most definitely one of the most epic blockbusters of the 21st century. Every character does what needs to be done and says what needs to be said in this bombastic and yet touching closure of the 11 years and 21 movies. The Russo Brothers, Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely, and of course Kevin Feige mastered the perfect formula for a perfect superhero movie, and yet managed to make It feel fresh and new, and let our beloved heroes leave on the highest note possible.

“I am Iron Man.”

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