Good Time

Good Time ★★★★★

"This place where we are now, it can be a lot of fun if you let it. You're gonna have a good time."

GOOD TIME is legitimately perfect. Safdie Brothers, one of the most interesting and ingenious voices in film, along with Sean Price Williams and Oneohtrix Point Never created a masterpiece in the finest sense of this word, a Michael Mann film that feels like a Harmony Korine film, an odyssey into the night NYC that's filled with anxiety and intoxicating neon lights, Scorsese's After Hours on acid if you want. Style takes over substance here but it never feels like the film is lacking of something, soundtrack pops up real hard and gets into your veins where it's needed, it's extremely violent and realistic and yet feels unreal, nightmarish, like the worst nightmare you've ever had and couldn't woke up until you died, and of course THAT montage, definitely one of the best pieces of editing I've ever seen, Sergei Eisenstein who? Safdie know their shit for sure, from the moment the film fades in, you get hooked up until the end of the titles.

P.S. And most importantly Rob Pattinson is such a bae, especially when he's blond.

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