Maniac Cop

Maniac Cop ★★★★

Hooptober 5.0: #4 of 44

After 30 years Larry Cohen's script is still terrifyingly relevant today, people are still terrified of the Police, people who should protect us. Maniac Cop may seem exploitative as fuck which it kind of is but mostly it's an angry slasher film with strong social commentary, the film shows a Policeman as the man whom you should be afraid the most, to what pointless violence and carelessness of the Forces can lead to, "violent delights have violent ends" as William Shakespeare wrote in his obnoxious poem, with this film Larry Cohen states that violence amiong the Police won't stop until the governement will at least admit that there is a problem that needs to be solved. Maniac Cop is a beautiful, cheap and relevant slasher film, some murders are quite terrifying (and I'm not saying this a lot), there's so many about this film that feels so real and horrifying, I trembled more than once throughout the viewing.

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