Phantom Thread ★★★★★

"I want you flat on your back. Helpless, tender, open with only me to help. And then I want you strong again. You're not going to die. You might wish you're going to die, but you're not going to. You need to settle down a little."

I was dying to see Phantom Thread, I mean I couldn't sleep normally over the past two weeks (so based on this fact I can call PTA my favorite director), and now I have seen it on the big screen and this is my absolute favorite of 2017.

At the very beginning Phantom Thread presents itself as a very light, stylish, romantic and almost magical movie that set in a fasion industry. But as the movie moves forward, little by little it becomes more and more tense and kinda crazier, I guess you can say but at the same time the movie doesn't lose its lightness and almost melodramatic style. I think that alone is very impressive.

This time Paul Thomas Anderson decided to be DP himself and his co-workers weren't lying about him knowing a lot of technical things about cameras, lightning and so on. With his debute as a cinematographer he proved himself as one of the most impressive and stylish DPs working today. The way PTA work with practical lightning amaze me, tracking shots became even better, close-ups are absolutely stunning and 16mm film gives the movie unrepeatable vibe.

As a writer/director PTA stays as great as he always were. The script is solid and stunning as Woodcock's dresses. Although the movie is drama there are a lot of funny moments and amount of one-liners that are just hilarious. Suspense as grows as grows Alma's love to Reynolds (and vice versa) and toward the end my heartbeat wasn't at a very healthy rate. There is also a strong sexual tense which always please me. And that amazing suspense Anderson created with everything he had: through lenses, music, editing, glances and so on.

As for the story itself it's a film about an artist and his muse and their struggle with each other but they find a way to prevent it and live happily and *a bit* crazy.

Soundtrack is also a very important part in Phantom Thread. Written by Jonny Greenwood the music sets amazingly accurately the mood for each scene. It can be very romantic and rhythmic or agressive and suspenseful, or even all of that at the same time.

Daniel Day-Lewis plays a charismatic, obsessive and capricious dressmaker and it's one of the finest performances he ever delivered. The Rising star Vicky Krieps acts at the same level as DDL and at time even better than him. Lesley Manville plays Woodcock's sister and seriously she's FUCKING great, rich and a cold middle aged goddess (my type!!!).

Frankly I can't find anything that isn't great in Phantom Thread. An aboslute must-see!

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