Ready Player One

Ready Player One ½

Reasons to hate Ready Player One:
1) Hackneyed and completely forgettable plot
2) Usage of your favorite characters, movies, video games etc. just to get you supposselly very exctied (it's not how it's fucking work, I mean, just look how great Community used all kinds of references, especially to movies) and it's just looks like they just bragging about how much they about pop-culture. (and I litterally freaked out when The Shining sequence started, you can't just put this kind of scene from a movie like this in your shithole that call a movie)
3) Terrible, passable, flat characters that has no development whatsoever
4) Lovestory that you can easily just cut of the movie and almost everything will stay the same.
5) Although the movie shot Janusz Kaminski it looks pretty much like a MCU movie (Black Panther doesn't count) and even Spielberg's one-takes look pretty lazy and alike.
6) I know people talked about it even when the movie didn't come out yet but FUCK, I can hate this movie just for this terrible represantion of The Iron Giant as a fucking warrior whilst the actual animated feauture is antiwar and The Iron Giant fights his desire to fight and destroy in it.

Reasons to like Ready Player One:
1) Steven Spielberg's name as a director in the credits.

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