Under the Silver Lake ★★★★

"I Can See Clearly Now."

First of all Riley Keough. Second of all Andrew Garfield. Third of all Under the Silver Lake is a surreal and beautiful mess, satirical at such extent that it may feel plainly dumb and exploitative. It's a neo-noir(ish) dazy trip into the sunniest places of LA while a magnificent and atmospheric score by Disasterpeace is playing in the background. David Robert Mitchell depicts the same themes Steven Spielberg depicts in his latest film, Ready Player One, but where Mr. Spielberg gets scared of pop culture and makes remarks like "yeah, OASIS is cool but you have to live in real life too" which makes all the gamers look like silly escapists who don't know the real life, and in case of Under the Silver Lake it would apply to almost every single person on Earth if Mitchell was so conservative and boring, but fortunately for all of us he's not. With this film he says that pop culture IS escapism but it's not bad, it's useless, it's an illusion but it's not bad as long as it helps you to get through the day and creates at least a feeling that there is a point in your life.

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